Tis Christmas time again

Khai and I went on our yearly visit to the west end to see the Christmas lights and to hit the shops.





The Trafalgar Square tree


Then the toy shops.







When Khai met Boris


Did I ever tell you that Khai has an obsession with buses. He loves them so much, in fact for the last two years he tells almost everyone who will listen of his intensions to become a bus driver when he grows up. in fact he regularly asks me how old do I have to be to be a bus driver?, when can I start to get driving lessons? and will he be able to drive the number 23 to Trafalgar Square like his favour toy bus.

Khai can tell you without to much thought where each bus goes in London, being completely honest with you I’ve been known to ask Khai what bus I need to take to which location, in fact I’ve also had friends call to ask him as well, he is that good.


Every so often I take Khai on a bus that he ask to ride (this is another of his favour things) one such bus was the number 38 Victoria to Hackney Central one million pound Boris bus(named after mayor of London, Boris Johnson and is a replacement for the old route masters).

So off we went to Victoria, and after a twenty odd minute wait there it was the Boris bus and a very excited five year old boy.


So on we went to the front seats in the top deck . we rode that bus from the first to the last stop and in the end even khai had had enough.






Happy 5th birthday


Happy 5th birthday Khai-bee Khai Khai chocolate pudding pie with a cherry on the top with hundred and thousand sprinkles!

I don’t believe how quickly time insists on flying by as five years have gone and and your birth feels like only yesterday(ok maybe a little longer then yesterday but you get what I’m saying here).

Today was fun we went in the tour bus and boat trip, then to the playground and tomorrow is party time. So lots more fun ahead.

Love you to the stars my baby x












Brixton splash

Brixton splash was held last Sunday 5th August. It was a lovely celebration of Jamaican 50th independence and the cultural diversity of the area.

As last year there were around four sound systems, a stage, food, drink, stalls selling arts and craft.

Lots of people dressed in our colours, waving flags.





Olympic torch relay

Last thursday the Olympic torch relay went to Camberwell/Brixton and so did we!

It was a lovely day, so off we all went; me , Khai and a friend to claim our little  piece of the London Olympics (because lets face it we are not rich, so this will be as close as we get to the games).

At first we went to Camberwell were they had inflated a very tall and very large Wenlock (i had to take some photos!)


There was also a face painting station, so Khai had his face painted as a tiger.

at this point we noticed that the street had began to get very crowed and we then desided to walk toward Brixton.  We went along to Coldharbour lane it was about an hour and a half before the torch-bearer was due to arrive, and we started to worry as only a handful of people were there but as time went on more and more people began to arrive elderly, young, babies, families, people selling whistles and small union flags/jacks, people handing out leaflet, you name it.

The atmosphere was wonderful: excitement in the air.   every time a police motorbike went by we cheered, every time a double decker bus went by Khai would cheer??????? (a little odd but it made him happy lol).

First came the buses and vans blasting out music everybody waving and having fun,then came the people on roller skates giving out  free gifts from the sponsors like  Coke, Lloyd’s TSB, Samsung. giving away free coke zero, tambourine like disc things, small flags, sticks with green ribbon to shake.


Then came the moment we had all be waiting for,


The Olympic torch.

British summer fair

Over the last weekend we went out a lot intact we went to four fairs in four days

Fair one: Khai’s school fair
There was a bus strike on that day so we walked/scootered all the way to school that morning, I was so proud of Khai that day.




We had made fairy cakes the night before to be sold at the fair.


I did some face painting at the school, here is some of my work only a few hours later.


Day Two

We went to a fair at the local park, but it rained so we didn’t stay very long

This is Khai touching a snake


What you wearing this Jubilee weekend = Khai edition!!!!!!

England stripe


















 Top £2.99p,  Shorts £2.99p,  Cap £2.99p









Blue union flag tee  Primark £1. 50p (yep you red right ),  shorts H&M £5.99p


Maybe mix it up a little











khai loves those Angry Birds.

 Angry Birds tee H&M £5.99p, S horts (as before).



Shorts can’t remember where they are from.



Jeans H&M £9.99p



Khai and the helicopter

Last weekend me and Khai along with a couple of friends and their kids all went to the park to feed the ducks, go to the playground and generally muck about playing and having fun on the grass. 

Whilst at the children’s playground we saw a helicopter flying very low which caused complete silence to fall and all little eyes became fixed upon the incoming helicopter.  


Khai and I have seen this a few times before; they land at this park because of the nearby hospital.  Injured people  are flown in and then transfer to an ambulance, which then takes them to hospital.  

Later when the ambulance left all the children went over to check it out,and talk with the pilot and crew.


They were so friendly and nice to the children. they let us take photos and even waved to the children as they flew away.