Olympic torch relay

Last thursday the Olympic torch relay went to Camberwell/Brixton and so did we!

It was a lovely day, so off we all went; me , Khai and a friend to claim our little  piece of the London Olympics (because lets face it we are not rich, so this will be as close as we get to the games).

At first we went to Camberwell were they had inflated a very tall and very large Wenlock (i had to take some photos!)


There was also a face painting station, so Khai had his face painted as a tiger.

at this point we noticed that the street had began to get very crowed and we then desided to walk toward Brixton.  We went along to Coldharbour lane it was about an hour and a half before the torch-bearer was due to arrive, and we started to worry as only a handful of people were there but as time went on more and more people began to arrive elderly, young, babies, families, people selling whistles and small union flags/jacks, people handing out leaflet, you name it.

The atmosphere was wonderful: excitement in the air.   every time a police motorbike went by we cheered, every time a double decker bus went by Khai would cheer??????? (a little odd but it made him happy lol).

First came the buses and vans blasting out music everybody waving and having fun,then came the people on roller skates giving out  free gifts from the sponsors like  Coke, Lloyd’s TSB, Samsung. giving away free coke zero, tambourine like disc things, small flags, sticks with green ribbon to shake.


Then came the moment we had all be waiting for,


The Olympic torch.


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