Project 365/66

Day 10


Day 9




Day 8


Day 7




Day 6




Day 5



Day 4



Day 3




Day 2



Day one


(Well would you look at that its not a picture of Khai).


Project 52,366,365,356

Project 365 or maybe it should be 366, uh no actually its 356, oh and lets not forget project 52.


Damn so am I!

I was ifing and butting about whether or not I should do project 365 and even though I am 9 days late I’ve decided to give it a go. My project is going to be a photo of things that take or grab my interest that day or maybe something that defines my day (Q: so mustly photos of Khai then?, A: pretty much yeah!).

You can also follow the project on:

 Well here goes project 365, 



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