It’s been a while

It’s been a while! Just popped in to share a picture of my not so little one.




I asked khai why do you show two fingers every time you have a picture taken what does it mean to which khai replied it means two.


Parents evening

Yesterday khai had parents evening.
It was lovely to see what he has been working on in school African masks and moving postcard from under the sea.

Khai’s teacher gave wonderful feedback telling me how proud she is of him and how far he has come in a year (all of which I know, because I extremely proud of him myself! I can’t believe that at one point a doctor implied that he may always be delayed).

Khai’s teacher said he is at the right level for his age in reading but was above his age range when it came to phonics and math but his writing was a little fraction behind because he needs to slow down and think about the structure of his sentences a little more carefully.

So all in all I think it went very well because even in writing its still in his age range and this is something Khai is working very hard to improve.






When Khai met Boris


Did I ever tell you that Khai has an obsession with buses. He loves them so much, in fact for the last two years he tells almost everyone who will listen of his intensions to become a bus driver when he grows up. in fact he regularly asks me how old do I have to be to be a bus driver?, when can I start to get driving lessons? and will he be able to drive the number 23 to Trafalgar Square like his favour toy bus.

Khai can tell you without to much thought where each bus goes in London, being completely honest with you I’ve been known to ask Khai what bus I need to take to which location, in fact I’ve also had friends call to ask him as well, he is that good.


Every so often I take Khai on a bus that he ask to ride (this is another of his favour things) one such bus was the number 38 Victoria to Hackney Central one million pound Boris bus(named after mayor of London, Boris Johnson and is a replacement for the old route masters).

So off we went to Victoria, and after a twenty odd minute wait there it was the Boris bus and a very excited five year old boy.


So on we went to the front seats in the top deck . we rode that bus from the first to the last stop and in the end even khai had had enough.






Comic relief – Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day and its really good to see the schools taking part.

At Khai’s school the kids had their nose painted red for a small donation, some kids wore red for the day; many had bake sales, some even wore pyjama to school all in a good cause.




5 Facts about Comic Relief (from red nose day website

• Comic Relief has raised over £800 million and helped to change millions of lives as a result.
• Comic Relief cash has been at work in over 70 countries around the world.
• Comic Relief supports work in the UK as well as overseas and has funded 15,786 projects in the UK to date.
• Comic Relief works all year round, fighting poverty and social injustice in the UK and across the world.
• Comic Relief raises millions of pounds through two big fundraising campaigns – Red Nose Day and Sport Relief.

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
One direction – official Comic Relief single

You can get it here from ITunes its only 99p :