I asked khai why do you show two fingers every time you have a picture taken what does it mean to which khai replied it means two.



Khai’s jubilee

Khai’s along with many other schools in london had their jubilee parties on thursday 31st May 2012.

The night before we made decorations to take in to school.












The morning consisted of games such as egg (well it was actually an onion: i don’t know why, i think they couldn’t be bothered to boil the eggs) and spoon race, sack race, don’t drop the bean bag race.





I’m very pleased to say khai did very well and came first in all 3 of his races.  after the games the children went back inside for a story while blankets where layed on the ground outside for a picnic lunch.




 I was very impressed with the spread! they had sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, watermelon, pineapple, ice cream and shortbread,and more.





khai sat with his class and ate lunch,  I volunteered at the school so therefore help serve lunch to over four hundred children, which ment that I wasn’t able to sit with khai as he had his lunch but I did pop over from time to time for a cuddle and to take a photo or two.

It was a lovely day the children talked of nothing else and khai was a very happy boy and every time he see the union flag he shouts out” look, look, jubilee flag mummy”.  It’s gonna be a good weekend.

Forget diamonds because “pasta is a girls best friend”

(Title must be sang Marilyn Monroe style)

Khai made me a necklace! Yep, he did and it’s a really cute one.

It’s made from elastic, penne pasta and brown poster paint.

The other day I went to pick him up from school and out the door he came running and pulling fanatically at his bag, then out popped some penne attached to a loop of elastic which I can only describe as being blotted with dark brown poster paint.

He was so proud of his (construction, I want to say???) work and of himself.

I wore my brand new necklace with pride all weekend; no one said a word in the end I said to my friends “do you like the necklace?  Khai made for me!” and too my surprise my friends told me they thought it was a beaded necklace I had bought and then they went on to tell Khai what a great gift he had made for me and how very talent he is, these compliments went on to make a very happy Khai!

One proud Mummy!

khai’s been doing some drawing what do you think?

I love it!

This is the first time he has ever drawn anything that remotely resembles a person.

We have eyes, mouth, noses, very long arms, long legs, hands and feet.

However my favourite part of the picture is our knees.  Look how cute that is lol

And if that wasn’t enough, khai has also written his name on his own for the first time today, Check it out.


Isn’t that something!

This is one proud mummy right now!

Khai my Karate Kid

My little khai has been going to gongfu- karate classes for the last four weeks now.

But last week was his first wearing his brand new karate outfit.

And he was very proud of himself indeed.


Doesn’t they look so sweet, bless their little cotton socks.