It’s been a while

It’s been a while! Just popped in to share a picture of my not so little one.



All the 12’s

Well it’s 12-12-12 on the 12th of the 12th 2012


Time ticks on by with such speed!


Again it’s been months since my last post, you know what happened the day after Khai’s 5th birthday his first tooth fell out and I wrote a huge heart felt post (using my phone of course as my laptop isn’t working) Then someone phoned me and then when I answered I lost my whole post.

I was so angery I refused to write a new post. But it’s nearly Christmas and it driving me crazy not posting so here I Am again tapping away on my phone.

Khai’s jubilee

Khai’s along with many other schools in london had their jubilee parties on thursday 31st May 2012.

The night before we made decorations to take in to school.












The morning consisted of games such as egg (well it was actually an onion: i don’t know why, i think they couldn’t be bothered to boil the eggs) and spoon race, sack race, don’t drop the bean bag race.





I’m very pleased to say khai did very well and came first in all 3 of his races.  after the games the children went back inside for a story while blankets where layed on the ground outside for a picnic lunch.




 I was very impressed with the spread! they had sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, watermelon, pineapple, ice cream and shortbread,and more.





khai sat with his class and ate lunch,  I volunteered at the school so therefore help serve lunch to over four hundred children, which ment that I wasn’t able to sit with khai as he had his lunch but I did pop over from time to time for a cuddle and to take a photo or two.

It was a lovely day the children talked of nothing else and khai was a very happy boy and every time he see the union flag he shouts out” look, look, jubilee flag mummy”.  It’s gonna be a good weekend.

Khai the dancer

Khai’s been attending ballet and street dance classes for the past four weeks now, and he LOVES it!

And i love to watch him learning new moves and have fun.  He is the youngest in both classes and should not be attending street dance until he is five but his teacher agreed she would let him start earlier which is great because Khai is desperate to be a break/street dancer.

Memories are made of this



I came across this picture today it was taken a year and a half ago when Khai had a brief kettle obsession.  We had gone out shopping that day and he was adamant that he wanted to carry this thing around with him.

If you pressed the small red button it would set off the sound of a boiling kettle; which was something that freaked out many an old lady on that day, they looked around frantically trying to discover where such a noise was coming from.

We also had random people asking him for a cup of tea, Khai had fun mind you.

And where you may ask is this kettle now? I believe its gathering dust at the bottom of grandpa’s garden, where it’s been since last year.