Parents evening

Yesterday khai had parents evening.
It was lovely to see what he has been working on in school African masks and moving postcard from under the sea.

Khai’s teacher gave wonderful feedback telling me how proud she is of him and how far he has come in a year (all of which I know, because I extremely proud of him myself! I can’t believe that at one point a doctor implied that he may always be delayed).

Khai’s teacher said he is at the right level for his age in reading but was above his age range when it came to phonics and math but his writing was a little fraction behind because he needs to slow down and think about the structure of his sentences a little more carefully.

So all in all I think it went very well because even in writing its still in his age range and this is something Khai is working very hard to improve.







Khai’s first day of school

Today was Khai’s first day of school. My boy had very few if any anxieties.

In the morning when he woke up he told me, “I’m going school in tember”, I said yes, your going to school today, today is tember, to which he sang I going school in tember today, yeah.


On our journey consisting of two buses we talked more about school and took a few photos.  We arrived forty minutes early, khai was not impressed he spent thirty of those minutes moaning and saying I want go into school, we can’t yet, I said WHY {did I tell you, Khai is the king of why) because!


When the gates did opened khai went running into the playground where there were signs marking which class should stand where, khai ran up to the front of the juniors line and stood very proudly, the kids laughed because khai should not be standing there for at least another six years, we then found his class room and where led inside.

Inside there where several story books and drawing boards on the carpet for the children to play with and read, some of us parents stayed in the class for 30 more minutes just to make sure our children where happy and settled.


Khai looked at some books and draw nicely they all then sat in a circle and sang a hello song, it was then time for us parents to say goodbye.

Khai waved and said bye mummy, love you, I smiled from ear to ear, told him bye darling, be a good boy and listen to your teacher and off he went with a hop and a happy face.

he only had school for half a day today (tomorrow will be his first full day) when I arrived to collect him he ran over to me and told me “I like school mum” as we walked to the bus stop I asked “what did you do at school today” he told me “we sing songs, we sing tinkle, tinkle dittle star, I like singing mum”


Well done on your very first day of school Khai, I wish you lots of success in your school career, i am very proud of you!


To my sweet boy khai,

Enjoy your school years, love to learn and explore.

Embrace knowledge and always read books.

May your school career be a wonderful one.

You can become whatever your heart desires my son!

All my love and best wishes  

Mummy x