Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!

We have snow yeah!!!!!!
Whilst on the bus taking khai to school on Friday snow began to fall. I was so sure that when we got to school id be told that it was closed, but they didn’t, it was ok school would be open as usual which was great!

Has I was walked away from the school gates the snow fall became heavier and by 11 o’clock I received a txt informing parents that they could collet children at lunchtime if they wanted to.

i called the school and was told this was for parents like me who did not live near the school who wanted to avoid traffic later so I decided to let Khai stay at school and maybe I would pick him up an hour earlier but by 12 another text came telling us to come and get our children ASAP.

I collected khai and along with his friend we headed to the park to play a little in the snow. It was such good fun to watch them play and throw snowballs at each other however I soon became the main target as I didn’t have my gloves which put me at a disadvantage and made it very difficult to make snowballs so I could retaliate.

Yesterday there was little if any snowfall but today it seems the snowfall is back and showing no sign of easing up which means that there will most likely be no school tomorrow either. But I won’t complain I refuse to how can you complain when it looks so pretty and bring so much joy to little hearts (and big ones too).












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