Khai be 5

After spending Khai’s 5th day in the city taking the big bus tour bus where I used to work as a tour guide the next day August 11th was the day of Khai’s birthday party.

Khai’s had been begging for months to go dressed as his beloved superhero Tree Fu Tom do he was very happy when he received a Tree Fu Tom costume as one of his birthday gifts ( if you have a tree fu Tom obsessed child also you can get the costume from eBay).

We had his party at mc Donald’s (yep mc Donald’s!) it was lovely the party lasted one and an half hours and was £5.99p a child with a min of 12 children.

It was the mc Donald’s in Thornton Heath so it had a soft play area which was also open to the public so the odd child would wonder in maybe touch the cake, have a boogie, but the staff were great and were always on hand to redirect the little non invited guess.

We were given to members of staff to run the party. When each child arrived they took their name and asked what they wanted to eat, then the children were allowed to play in the soft play area until most of the kids arrived (they gave 30mins) once everyone has arrived if you brought a cake along they prepare the table and cake for the birthday song.

After birthday song they all played party games like musical statues, musical chairs and musical bumps.

Khai and all the children had so much fun they were even break dancing, the lot.

After dancing and games they had dinner at which point the staff cut up the cakes and prepared the party bags, you can also bring extra things to put inside the party bags as the mc Donald’s stuff is a paper hat and a sticker book or something like that so i brought sweets, bubbles, stickers, balloons, etc to make it a bit more fun.

After food the party was pretty much over but was the perfect amount of time.

It was a lovely day and khai loved every single moment of it.

Tree fu khai


























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