To Leo with luv

Wednesday was a very important day in our household!  Khai’s favourite soft toy Leo had his 10th  birthday. We couldn’t let this go by without throwing him a birthday picnic.

Well I got to say I never thought I’d see the day when I threw a party for a toy lion, but that is what I did.  Khai told me to invite all of my friends and he would do the same with his, however I told him that this was not a very good idea due to the fact that it would be short notice, he said he understood and that they could come to Leo’s  4th birthday party tomorrow. 

I then told Khai that I was beginning to get confused as Leo was really a few months old because we had brought him in January and the oldest he should be is 1 or maybe 4 like him, he responded by telling me that yes Leo was 1 yesterday, 10 today and will be 4 tomorrow hence the need for another party with all his friends.

In the end we agreed on a picnic in the park, which then became a picnic in a friends back garden to which we would bring Leo and his mum (aeroplane).

It was great we had peanut butter sandwiches, crisp, fruits, cupcakes/birthday cakes and soft drinks.

then Leo blow out his invisible candle.


Then went on to open his present


Oh lucky Leo, What a happy birthday he had!


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