Forget diamonds because “pasta is a girls best friend”

(Title must be sang Marilyn Monroe style)

Khai made me a necklace! Yep, he did and it’s a really cute one.

It’s made from elastic, penne pasta and brown poster paint.

The other day I went to pick him up from school and out the door he came running and pulling fanatically at his bag, then out popped some penne attached to a loop of elastic which I can only describe as being blotted with dark brown poster paint.

He was so proud of his (construction, I want to say???) work and of himself.

I wore my brand new necklace with pride all weekend; no one said a word in the end I said to my friends “do you like the necklace?  Khai made for me!” and too my surprise my friends told me they thought it was a beaded necklace I had bought and then they went on to tell Khai what a great gift he had made for me and how very talent he is, these compliments went on to make a very happy Khai!


2 thoughts on “Forget diamonds because “pasta is a girls best friend”

  1. Kids are wonderful aren’t they? They never cease to amaze me with what they create and that they always put their hearts into it. Found you through MBC and linked up to your blog from mine. Look forward to reading more!

    • Hi i’m so glad you stopped by! you are so right the pride in their little faces alone when they have created something is in itself amazing.

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