Take that back! Neglect is a strong word.

Yes, yes i know i’ve been neglecting you!

infact i’m sure that some of you have come to realise that I’ve not been posting very often lately!

The truth about that is someone very close to me has been very ill and I have been/am being the main support for that person.  I can’t go into it too much as it’s not my story to tell. But unfortunately this as meant blogging as had to be put aside until I can work out a way to fit everything in.

I’ve just had a general flow of bad luck it all started when my laptop got a virus; then I got a virus, someone close got ill, Khai started acting up (we’ll talk about that another time), then he spilt a drink on my laptop.

Another reason I’ve not been writing much; I have sticky keys. Y always types twice or not at all as does t, various symbols no longer work and I’ll be dammed if I can get the number keys for five and six to work, I have to Google the words then cut and paste in order to write. It makes what should be a quick post feel like a full blown essay!

However this month I will try my best to strike a better balance in life and learn to spread myself equally as when I’m unable to post here it feels like I’m neglecting a good friend!

Hopefully there will be a new post up tomorrow.

Until then x


Oh how could i have forgotten, i no longer am able to take part in project 3 six five/3 six six has my beautiful new camera broke and they don’t have a replacement to give me. yep told you bout that luck of mine lately!


2 thoughts on “Take that back! Neglect is a strong word.

  1. Do you know what the same thing happened to me (ok so maybe not the printer and fax you must be so pxxxed right now) internet on my laptop went shortly after writting this post and have only got it back tonight, i curse the day i brought this laptop, waste of money!

    I have been wondering what had happened to you as have been to your site many times and no update am glad its tech thing and not a health thing so there i guess is the bright side lol

    Hope all the tech stuff gets sorted soon its like lossing a limb at times.

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