Project 52/52

Project 52 will be a part of or should I say an extension of project 365.

Every week I will post something new that I have done or tried the week before!

Now don’t you go start thinking that this girl is gonna do a sky dive or climb a mountain or anything like that, I’m just talking about the things I never get round to. Like visiting galleries I’ve not previously been to (which was something I loved to do pre-khai), or cooking something I’ve not before, just simple things like that.

So last week I went to the Saatchi gallery for the first time in its not so new location (in fact it’s been there for six or seven years now); I use to go when it was located inSouth Banks County hall building.  And was all about the Chapman’s and Emin to name a few, which I’m not knocking because I really love those pieces but I think there were a few artist names that became almost tied with the name Saatchi.

However it was fantastic and here are a few pictures of some pieces that made me want to go home and start doing some work straight away.

Oh and the Richard Wilson piece is still there and on permanent display on the lower ground floor.


Admission is free

Saatchi gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road Chelsea,London,SW3 4SQ

The link:


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