Me, Stuff and Khai

Ever since I stared this blog two years ago (Oh My God it’s been two freaking years people!) I’ve wanted to be able to tell you about the fabulous stuff out there that I like or am liking/loving at the moment, I guess kind of in the same way I would my non web based friends. But how was I going to do that, I thought maybe I should start another blog, but the truth is I’m just not that dedicated to writing about stuff.

I wanted to say “hey I saw a great winter coat at so and so and I think it would look so cute on Khai, what do you think? “ Or maybe let you know about that to die for lipstick, the new film I can’t wait to see and even the new kitchen mop I just brought that day.

So in the end I finally realised I could do it right here under the heading of: Me, Stuff and Khai

So here it is

Me, Stuff and Khai – Christmas Lush


This Christmas I went to lush for the first time in well over 3 years and man did I have a fun time smelling and buying some bubbly bath time treats not only for me but for Khai too, I also just about managed to remember that I was primarily there to do some Christmas gift shopping so I did get around to picking up a few gifts as well.

It was Khai’s first visit to Lush and he loved it, he wanted to smell everything and completely fell in love with the rocketter- this is a blue rocket shaped bath ballistic that is candy scented and aimed at children.

When you put it in the bath it zooms and melts making the water turn shades of blue, yellow and green. it’s really lovely and for most children this would be a great addition to bath time but; for Khai it was not because as the rocketter zoomed around the bath and melted Khai leapt out and screamed with fear, seeing the rock melt scared the heck out of him.

I however had a very different experience with my Li’l lush pud,CandyMountain, melting Snowman and the Gingerbread House. They all smelt great and gave the most relaxing and self indulgent baths.


But nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the fantasticness that is the Magic Wand, I swear when I saw this I reverted to my six year old self! You swish this in your bath like a fairy and puff you have beautiful bubbles appear in your bath, and you can use this more then once.


Needless to say lush will be getting another visit from me in the very near future.


2 thoughts on “Me, Stuff and Khai

  1. The thought of Khai jumping out away from the melted rock actually made me laugh out loud. And now I want a bubble bath! I LOVE Lush, the snow globe soap is such a pick me up in this blah Winter weather. And I got to see the giant snow globe in Hyde Park that inspired it on your blog, 🙂

  2. Oh i know what you mean about wanting a bubble bath! i’ve had one every other day since i went to lush, i brought so much stuff and all i have left is what i pictured in the post. but i shall be going back next week. and i will be looking out for the snow globe soap.

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