25 Thing to do this Christmas

On the eighteenth day of Christmas me myself and Khai gave to me  Covent Garden’s Christmas display.

Khai and I went to Covent Garden today to look at the beautiful display of twinkling lights and large red and mirrored baubles decorating the market.

The market was buzzing with the many people doing their Christmas shopping, street artist were ever present, there where mimes, Santa’s, jugglers and so on. 

Khai was not impressed with santa he imformed me that “this is not santa mummy he doesn’t have a red nose”.

In the east piazza there is an amazing 15 foot reindeer made from topiary and covered in clear lights, that is apart from it large red nose.

The west piazza boast an incredible Christmas tree seated in a large terracotta pot wrapped in the biggest bow and dressed in red shiny bauble.

There is so much to do and see there!  However khai and I unfortunately didn’t stay very long as he wanted to go back on the tube and began to moan, so we left with a few Christmas gifts and lots of Christmas spirit.


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