The first Nativity well Khai’s anyway!

So khai had his first school nativity last Wednesday.

We weren’t completely sure what part he had in the play because early last week I was given a letter from school saying I should bring in a black top and black trousers as he would be playing the part of an animal in the school nativity.

However a few days later on the Friday I got another letter stating that he was to be an angel so could I please bring in a white top and white trousers, which I’ve got to tell you peed me off no end since I’d already been out and brought him the black clothes and had handed it in at the school that very morning. 

Nevertheless I chose to not let it bother me to much and purchased khai a plain white t-shirt and prepared his karate trousers so he could wear that instead, so on Monday morning we handed in the white clothes (and I lie not) that same evening we were handed a letter saying the play would now be on Wednesday not Tuesday like we were previously informed and that the children should have black clothes as they were to play animals, so as you can imagine furry is not a strong enough word to describe the reaction of most parents.

I asked Khai, I said “Pudds (one of Khai’s nicknames, short for pudding)! What are you going to be in the school play?” Khai says “a giraffe, um no Joseph, um oh no a giraffe, yes a giraffe!” now I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that I’ve never heard of any giraffes in that stable in Bethlehem!???? And seeing as the lettersssss said an animal and angels I started to get the feeling that khai didn’t know what his part in the play was either.

So each day Khai came home singing a different song, every time I joined in I was told that I was singing it wrong and that intact it went this way not the way I was singing it.

The day of the play arrived and khai was wearing black, I saw him as he walked into the hall I was sitting in the second row and believe it or not that was one of three times I saw him out of the twenty minute performance as he was put to sit in what turned out to be my blind spot.


Everyone in his class sat on low benches in front of the stage (to low for anyone apart from those in the front row to see) they were all animals wearing black clothes and little animal hats that they had made themselves in class.

So in the end I believe Khai was a donkey along with half his class, the other half were cows, they sang there little hearts out and put on a pretty impressive play.


I was very proud of my lil pudds (well for the three times I saw him that is) after I got a chance to take a few photos , give him a hug and tell him just how proud of him I was and what a great donkey he was, I went on to tell him that I think he was the greatest, cutest, and well acted donkeys I’ve seen in a long time if ever, he was very pleased by my comment and went back to join his class with a very wide grin on his face.


But his grin wasn’t as wide as mine!


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