25 Things to do this Christmas


On the eleventh day of Christmas me myself and Khai gave to me reindeer petting in Croydon.

Although not technically in London it’s just a stones throw away. Two reindeer’s; one brown the other white. It is free of charge and slap bang in the middle of town centre, so apart from the journey which if you live in London like me is a bit far, but I think it’s worth the visit especially if you have little people to impress.

Khai loved it and would have been happy to stay there all day but I had some Christmas shopping to do and boy did I shop!

and then we came across this snow globe how cool is this



There was a professional photograph who took pictures and gave us a password to a website where the photos would be available to download for £2 each, i however took these myself as you can see.



3 thoughts on “25 Things to do this Christmas

  1. Those reindeer pics are ADORABLE and the snow globe is WAY too cool. Amarra loves snow globes and would go absolutely nuts for that! What a fun way to celebrate!

  2. Yes the snow globes are such a good idea, shocking no one did it before now and a big Pity Amarra isn’t here to become a real life snow globe, but you never know one may turn up near you one day!

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