25 things to do this Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas me myself and khai gave to me the Doctor Who Experience- Christmas Grotto

If you are a Doctor Who fan then this is a most see for you because over at Olympia 2 Kensington, the Doctor Who Experience have an alternative Santa’s grotto.

You will time travel through Christmas specials past.  On display are props, costumes and photographs from the show.  You’ll see Kylie Minogue’s maid costume from the 2007 Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned” (which I fell asleep in the middle of because I had a newborn and was exhausted, thus missed the ending) and the Santa robots from 2006 “the runaway Bride”.

There is a proper Santa inside who will meet, greet and give all the children a Doctor Who gift worth more then a fiver.

Overall this is a little costly as you have to pay to see the Doctor Who Experience and an additional £5 change for the grotto. But  children do get a gift and if you were going anyway or are a fan it will be worth the visit I’m sure.


The Grotto will be open from 2nd-4th, 9th-11th, 16th – 21st December




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