25 Things to do this Christmas


With it now being Christmas month I decided to give you a little helping hand in letting you know about some of the wonderful festive things that are out there, like Christmas trees, where to find Santa’s grotto, Christmas lights, markets, singing choirs, reindeer and lots more.

The plan is to bring you the details of a new Christmas event or venue everyday leading up to the special day of December 25th.Most of theses places should cost none or very little money, and will be places khai and I will also try to visit ourselves or wish we had enough time too.  So in my next post (yep just up there) you’ll find part one:

On the first day of Christmas me myself and khai gave to me the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. (Get me, it bloody rhymes no less)


2 thoughts on “25 Things to do this Christmas

  1. What a lovely idea! Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have time to do all that there is out there to do! I love the reindeer petting…I’ll have to see if there is anything like that near here. Of course if we were ever over there during the holidays, my kids are dead set on one thing….Wales, oddly enough. They keep asking to go to the Christmas Tree lighting in Cardiff so they can meet the Doctor, Rory and Amy Pond. Hilarious.

  2. So not Doctor Who fans then? lol

    yes reindeer petting was lovely they had a brown one and a white one pics coming soon.

    i think your kids will love it, it will be another magical christmas memory .

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