Remember, remember the fifth of November.

This weekend was a packed one, what with Guy Fawkes Night and 6th birthday parties.

Saturday was the 5th of November and you know what that means bonfires and fireworks, for it was that date again where we must remember the bad deeds of one Guy Fawkes and his wicked plot to blow up the House of Lords and kill the king back in 1605.

 It was a lovely event, the first one I’ve been to in well over ten years and Khai’s first one ever!

The children waved their little glow sticks and ate toffee apples.


Khai and his little friends were very impressed with the sight, and screamed lots of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs as the stunning illuminations glided and busted in the sky.  


Sunday the 6th the next day was Khai’s little mate and family friend sixth birthday and he invited Khai along to his birthday party.


Khai had a great time but unfortunately he became ill and we had to leave early.

So I now have a sick little boy who has a temperature and who will not eat but finds the strength every so often to remind me what a great weekend he had and how much he loves fireworks and how cool (and yes I said cool) it must be to be six years old. And that he just can’t wait to be older.


6 thoughts on “Remember, remember the fifth of November.

  1. HOW FUN. Too bad we can’t celebrate that one here!
    Then again, we do love getting to do our fireworks in July… 🙂

    I hope Khai feels better and is hunwee again soon!

  2. Do you know what was really funny, they ended the fireworks display to katy perry’s firework and it was really fitting until she started going on about the 4th of july we just sang 5th of november but it didn’t really work lol

    and Khai is much better now and hunwee when it comes to jacket potatoes anyway! thanks for asking.

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