You know its pretty odd writing that because growing up Halloween was a pretty none eventful day, there were no parties, no trick or treat, nothing.

Thinking back the most we got to do was play apple dunking: Oh and maybe eat a toffee apple which was more often reserved for Guy Fawkes night (5th of November), we all watched American TV when we were kids and wished we celebrated Halloween.

The odd school would have a disco to raise some extra money: it would be something like 20p entrance and 10p for a cup of orange squash; here and there a child would knock your door demanding sweets and sometimes money. So yep we just didn’t know how to do Halloween.

I also remember one year hearing that if you look up into the sky and were very lucky you may see a witch fly by on her broom stick so me and my poor dad sat outside on our balcony for hours that evening, mum brought us a cup of hot chocolate every now and then until the sky turned black needless to say we never saw the witch.

Nowadays however this is all changing and its so weird I was listening to a radio programme this morning and people are crying out for there to be a ban on trick or treating this year because some people are still scared as a result of the riots a few months ago.

I don’t see the harm in it; I think its great fun for the kids and adults alike.  Khai will not be trick or treating or participating in any Halloween events this year just because there are no events in our area, however as he gets older I’m sure he will.

So to those of you that are celebrating halloween today have fun and Happy Halloween!



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