Half (“The two foes of human happiness are pain and boredom”) term*

This was not the best of weeks. I have a very bad cold/mild flu, poor khai has been on half term and has basically had to spend the week at home while I tried to get better.

He very sweetly got out his toy doctors instruments and listened to my heart, took my temperature and checked my pulse.  He gave water to drink and a teddy to cuddle. My son took very good care of me.

In an attempt to do something with him we made pink fairy cakes (yes my son Khai wanted to make cupcakes with pink icing, charlie and lola have a lot to answer for) midweek and they went down a treat.


We also had a friend round last night which was great as khai got to play with someone for the first time all week.

Hopefully the Christmas holidays will be a lot more eventful!


* Arthur Schopenhauer



2 thoughts on “Half (“The two foes of human happiness are pain and boredom”) term*

  1. Love the fairy cakes. I’ve got the worst head cold….could I please have some? To go with my cloud fluff, ocean nibbles from under the sea, and green drops from Greenland? Does Khai ever ever have to eat a tomato?

    I hope you’re feeling better and I’m glad you’ve got such a caring doctor in the meantime!

  2. Oh and if you keep having trouble with my site, please let me know. If the site is the problem and not your computer I’ll need to check it out. My hard drive actually crashed not once but TWICE this past month (thank God for computer genius friends) so I haven’t been online much. Fingers crossed that all is fixed now!

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