100 Facts about me, myself and Khai

This is my 100th post, so in order to celebrate this fact I have decided to write 100 facts about me, myself and Khai!

  1. The love of my life is a four years old boy named Khai.
  1. I have type II diabetes since the age of seventeen (which is very strange for someone that young).
  1. I am right handed.
  1. I am crazy for nail varnish, always have been always will be.
  1. I had more then twenty pet rabbits at one time when I was a kid.
  1. khai hates wearing trousers at home and is at bliss walking around in his underpants, in fact I once had a problem with getting him to keep his trousers on when we went out , I remember the first day of nursery he asked me if he could take his trousers off now lol
  1. I am allergic to apples and pears; in fact I am allergic to most fruit in that sort of seeded family-ish area.
  1. If I was born a boy my parents were going to name me Randal (thank God I was born a girl that’s all I’m saying!).
  1. I was a brownie guide but never a girl guide.
  1. I can roll my tongue.
  1. My star sign is Aries.
  1. Khai’s star sign is Leo.
  1. I believe in karma.
  1. The first records I ever brought was Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson from Woolworths.
  1. The first record that was ever brought for me was push it by salt and pepper.
  1. Khai was born on a Friday.
  1.  I love most of the you tube beauty guru’s.
  1. I had many nicknames growing up one of them was Bugsy.
  1. I’m an avid picture-taker- er.
  1. I don’t know how to drive nor have I ever taken any lessons.
  1. I can’t swim.
  1. I used to be a tour guide.
  1. I’m an eastenders addict.
  1. I still sometimes get afraid of the dark (if you laugh I will kill you).
  1. Since having my son I cry at any and everything.
  1. I love that I get to go to the cinema to see films like Cars 2 and Megamind because I have a child.
  1. I hate the smell of cheap perfumes with a passion.
  1. One of my favourite artists is Eva Hesse, I was heavily influenced by her work when I was doing my degree, I love her latex and fibreglass work, soft sculpture is one of my favourite things on earth.
  1. I was born on a Saturday.
  1. Some more of my favourite sculptural artist are Christian Boltanski, Louise Bourgois, Doris Salcedo, Rachel Witheread, Monia Hatoum ok I need to stop listing artist now because I feel like I could go on forever.
  1. I always procrastinate.
  1. I brought ice ice baby by vanilla ice when I was a kid, yep I did that.
  1. Autumn is my favourite season and one of my top five names for khai had he been a girl.
  1. I love going for walks but since my son is no longer in a pushchair this has become all but impossible.
  1. I was completely in love with Adam Ant and shaking Stevens when I was little.
  1. I am kind of getting sick of facebook but I still go on it all the time.
  1. My family and close family friends all call me Melanie since the day I was born; in fact lots of them don’t even know my real name is Stephanie lol. It’s a Jamaican thing your nickname is often a full on first name.
  1. My god mother always called me Melsy Bubbles bun bun and I hated it.
  1. I mostly order a Grande cappuccino at starbucks (and a babycino of course).
  1. I am a qualified manicurist, nail technician and nail artist.
  1. I really, really, really hated school.
  1. My favourite colour is blue although it changes for time to time and is closely followed by pink that is bright bright pink not that pastel stuff no way.
  1. My dad called me Melsy Bugsy boo until I was in my twenties.
  1. I believe in God.
  1.  I’m now thinking about maybe calling Khai, Khaisy Bugsy boo. On second thoughts maybe not.
  1. I would like to move to another country.
  1. I call khai pudding and puds for short.
  1. I lived at home way longer then I should have done.
  1. I would love to get my Masters degree one day.
  1. I can hold a tune.
  1. I don’t like or eat pork.
  1. I would secretly love to be a book binder.
  1. I tend to be more of a ‘thinker’ and not so much a ‘doer’ although this is something I’m working on.
  1. I used to smoke (a lot).
  1. I broke my wrist when I was six or maybe seven.
  1. I sleep on the left side of the bed.
  1. I need to lose some weight.
  1. I have never lived outside of London.
  1. I am 5 feet 5 i/2 inches and yes the half inch matters (ask any man).
  1. I frequently suffer from insomnia.
  1.  I would love to travel the world.
  1. My son is a fussy eater and would gladly eat jacket potatoes or chips everyday of his life.
  1. I wasn’t a spice girl fan, didn’t know what all the fuss was about myself, I saw them perform over in Clapham common park in the early years, I liked a few of their songs but yeah, just didn’t get it. And there was a girl group called shampoo who came out a year before the spice girls and they invented the term “GIRL POWER” as well you know ms Geri Halliwell!
  1. I really enjoy life drawing.
  1.  I have read every Jackie Collins novel written, don’t judge me, they are my guilty pleasure secret
  1. I had an imaginary friend called Susie when I was little, she looked a lot like Thelma for Scooby doo.
  1. I hate snakes, spiders, worms.
  1. I had really bad depression for many years.
  1. I always order the same sandwich at subway (turkey, salad).
  1. This year I find that I’m smiling a lot at everyone, some smile back; some give me crazy looks, and others give dirty looks as if to say what you looking at.
  1. I love dove roll on deodorant, they are the best.
  1. I save all my fashion magazines and keep them in a tall pile in my bedroom.
  1. One of my favourite films of all time is cat on a hot tin roof with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.
  1. Oh and anything with Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman holiday, Sabrina fair to name a few.
  1. I have a mouse in my house, and I am not impressed.
  1. I played very bad violin when I was a kid.
  1. I have a pretty good memory.
  1. We are having a school reunion next year and I don’t know if I want to go.
  1. Khai is car obsessed with and has well over a hundred maybe two hundred of them.
  1. I’ve never have nor will I watch downton abbey, it just doesn’t interest me.
  1.  I’ve got a crush on someone (I feel like a 12 year old writing that, but its true, and he is hoooooooooot).
  1. I want to start my own company in children’s paintings/illustrations and interior decor.
  1. My favourite alcoholic drink is brandy (who am I kidding so is vodka, rum, whiskey, um actually not so much whiskey but I do like a JD and coke every now and then), and I do love a glass of merlot.(I sound like a complete and utter alcoholic now really I don’t drink that often maybe once a month if that of then).
  1. I struggle to walk in high heels anything past 2 inches I don’t even remember how to walk properly.
  1. I love to shop; most times I don’t even care what for.
  1. Mostly I prefer to be barefoot.
  1. I over analyzing absolutely everything.
  1. I have two Piercings in each ear.
  1. My Favourite flower is an orchid.
  1. I’m just not a big fan of Beyoncé, she’s got a nice voice, she’s pretty, seems like a nice person and all that but if she comes on the TV 99% of the time I turn it over, it really bugs me coz I want to like her but I just don’t.
  1. I mostly wear jeans on a daily basis.
  1. I love, love, love films by Pedro Almodóvar, (All about my mother is my favorite).
  1. Google is my favourite search engine.
  1. Khai has two middle names, one is my father’s middle name and the other was given to khai by his father.
  1. I have one, middle name that is.
  1. I need a new black handbag, I love handbags I have a lot (you know how it goes a girl can never have enough), not sure if I love them more then shoes but its close, it’s very close.
  1. Apart from my son and my dad I have about two other family members in theUK; they are all in the USA and Jamaica.
  1.  I have dyslexia, this however doesn’t mean that I can’t read or write or spell for me it just means it takes me a little longer and the end result is likely to be far from perfect.
  1. I got my flu jab last week and I now have the flu it’s more like a very bad cold but I am not really well at all.
  1. I can’t believe it you’ve made it to the end wow thanks for hanging on in there; anyway so here it is the 100th fact about me, myself and khai…… I love my blog and every single person that stops by to say hello.

2 thoughts on “100 Facts about me, myself and Khai

  1. Hahaha! I’m actually laughing at how much we have in common. And I have NO clue what on earth I would write if I tried to come up with 100 things about myself….but now you’ve got me thinking….

    Congratulations on 100 posts!!!

    • Oooh now am Intrigued???? i know we have the name Melaine in common! lol
      The truth is it’s not that hard, once you get into it it keeps coming but i have been writting it bit by bit for a few weeks.
      It turned out to be fun in the end.

      (i’ve been having problems commenting on your site over the past few weeks, i’ve seen some lovely photos of your family so sweet , my laptop is giving me nothing but trouble, it works when it wants to it just keeps crashing think i need more memory).

      and i’m tell you this why, oh yes i tryed to comment twice and it said error, i think its my computer.

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