Evelina children’s hospital

After the speech therapy review and assessment we went over toWestminster’s Evelina children’s hospital to have some blood test done to rule out other causes for the speech and language delay.

It was a very long day, but khai took it all in his stride the nurses at the hospital put a cream on his arms to numb the area so that blood test would not be painful and traumatic they told me that research shows that children who have painless early experiences with these test are much less likely to fear needles when older.


It took an hour for the cream to work and when it was time for the blood test they gave him toys and sang him song all in a bid to distract him form seeing the needle go into his arm and it worked a treat!

They were all absolutely fabulous!

And then after being such a good boy khai was allowed to play on the mini helter-skelter and boy did he enjoy that!

I won’t get the results of these tests until the next review in four months from now.


4 thoughts on “Evelina children’s hospital

  1. i was so pleased with him , he didnt moan or complain at all and the staff was just great, they made what could have been a long stressful and pain event one million times easier and 99% pain free!

    and Yes, i’m so greatful to have this blog one place to store the memories and events of my sons early life.

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