Speech review and assessment

Khai had an assessment and review with his speech therapist today.   We talked for a while as khai played with bricks and looked at books.   She simply asked questions such as; had I found the speech therapy helpful? Did I think it aided any changes since the sessions? What did I think of the sessions? The methods they had used? And to this I responded very honestly.

I told her that the truth of the matter was in the beginning I couldn’t see the difference between the therapy and normal playgroup sessions, but giving the fact that they are speech therapist and it was a speech therapy group I believed there had to be logic to what they were doing every week and that after a while I did notice changes in Khai’s speech and even in his sentence structure.

She agreed that yes it would and should seem the same and was very pleased that we stuck with it as khai was one of only two children to complete the whole Programme.  She felt this was due to some people not fully understanding programme and even English because it not being their first language.

We talked a little more and then she showed khai some flash cards and asked him what he could see? What was happening in the illustrations?  Point to the big duck etc Khai did very well in these tasks but started to have a few problems understanding when the sentences had more words in them;  like can you show me which picture has the tall spotted dog sleeping in the basket? He would then maybe point to the tall dog standing in the basket so he was kind of getting it.

She did say this could be due to him not knowing some of the right word for things like the girl riding a horse, he told her the girl was on a horse. She also went on to tell me that his attention was very good and was great for a child his age but over all she felt he had done well on the test and will be sending me a full report in days. She later phoned to me let me know that he had scored far better then she had expected and is in fact only slightly below where he should be for his age and felt that this was a very promising sign.

I was also pleased with the outcome as the overall feel was that there are no learning disabilities just a straightforward speech and language delay.


4 thoughts on “Speech review and assessment

  1. I’m so glad it went so well! I’m sure his speech will improve quickly as he grows, and I hope this is a load off of your mind!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Yes it is such a load off my mind, i too think and am hoping that his speech will pick up and flourish whilst attending school, in fact I am already seeing a little difference these past few days he is trying very hard to talk in full sentences and some days talking none stop lol it’s not always very clear but he is trying!

  3. You know so many people telll me the boys being slower fact and it helps to know that he isnt that different.

    I wacthed him at school today and unless you try to have a full on converstaion with him you wouldnt know he has such a speech delay because he is holding his own very well.

    I’m so proud of him!

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