The mayor’s Thames festival

Over the weekend khai and I went to the mayor’s Thames festival  before we got there I thought I’d take some tourist like photos of khai, It was fun and khai loved posing.


This is a festival that celebrates London and the river Thames.

Coursing the path of the festival where four well know bridges that are located by the Thames and were put into zones.

Zone 1 –Westminster Bridge to Waterloo Bridge

Zone 2 –Waterloo Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge

Zone 3 –Blackfriars Bridge to London Bridge

Zone 4 –London Bridge to Tower Bridge

In each zone you would find many stalls containing food from all over the world Korean, African, Brazilian, Indian etc there was also clothing, plants, tourism, activities, books and so much more.


The best parts of the festival for me were the musical concerts and cinemas.

We went to a mobile vintage cinema and saw a film from 1827 the staff were all dressed up in period costume


We also went to the IMAX

If you went along to the Imax cinema by 10.30am you received a free ticket to watch a wonderful 3d film/documentary at the phenomenal cinema which is home to the biggest 3d screen I have ever seen, khai adored it and even tried to touch the baby elephants and orangutans starring in the movie (born to be wild).

It was such a great day even with the rain and there was so much entertain that my little khai walked from Westminster to tower bridge and back again and only said he was tired twice and let me tell you that is one hell of a walk.


2 thoughts on “The mayor’s Thames festival

  1. Thank you Khai is very pleased with your comment on his posing! lol

    London is a really lovely place and i’m sure your daughter (as well as your self) would love it here too, there is always something fun to do and also lots of free entertainment too.

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