Developmental Assessment.

After a wait of nine months khai had his developmental assessment.  I’m not sure what to tell you about how it went; I guess it went pretty much how I expected.  Khai does have a speech delay around that of an early three years old. 

She wacthed him play, gave him puzzles, talked to him, wacthed him interact with me and assessed him medically by listening to his heart weighing him, and so on. After this she told me he’ll now need to have several test and examinations to try to determine the caused of this.

It could be the result of a number of things, it maybe chromeozonal, birth marks, etc.  The doctor said that basically he just doesn’t always understand what is being asked of him or sometimes what to do when he is asked, she also confirmed that he doesn’t have autism or anything like that which (knowing very little about it) I never suspected that anyway.

He will be restarting speech therapy once at school and will also receive some extra support which will be discussed further once he is there and is settled in.

And that’s the latest update


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