Sensational Butterflies

The natural history museum in south Kensington has a breathtaking exhibition which we went along to see a few weeks ago, ( i have been meaning to write this post for some time but it was such a lovely exhibiton i had to post it even if  we had gone weeks ago).  It was such a beautiful day, the sun was out and we had a brilliant time.


The Sensational Butterflies exhibition cost only £3.50 for an adult’s and is the same price for children aged 4 years and over, whilst children under 4 are free of charge.


The exhibition is not in the main museum building but is on the Museum’s front lawn and just next to the entrance is a little stall/booth selling tickets. With entry each child is given a card which is to be stamped at every new section of the exhibition. There are hundreds of butterflies and moths of many different colours and sizes. 


We saw what they ate,


We even saw some mating, it was an amazing sight, and they connected in such a way it seemed as if they both where one single butterfly.


Some of them even came over and pitched on us, unless you breed butterflies or something there is no other way the average person could get this closed and personal with a butterfly, a truly beautiful exhibit and completely worth seeing.

After the children played on the lawn.


The national history museum sensational butterflies link:


2 thoughts on “Sensational Butterflies

  1. We have a beautiful butterfly museum here as well, It is so peaceful, my daughter loved all of the different colored butterflies. Large and small, they are a breath taking species! Glad you and Khai had a great time there.

    • Oh thats great, they are truly wonderful aren’t they, no one could have disliked this exhibition. it was just fab!

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