A letter to Khai


Today my sweet baby little boy you turn four years old. I can’t quite believe it. I struggle to understand how the years have gone by with such haste, to watch you grow, explore, and learn in this time has been an honour for me. And my life was blessed the day you arrived in it. 


You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You are close to fearless in many ways, we have all done it but being witness to your growth has been phenomenal to me.


When I think back to the day of your birth, the first moment we had together alone with no distractions, when we lay on the bed you snuggled up close, my new baby boy in my arms.  We took a moment to just look at each other, that semi puzzled look on your face as if to say “do I know you, you look familiar, its you that women who I’ve been hearing everyday over the past months”.



That Saturday afternoon whilst watching Harry Potter on TV you sat red cheeked and began to cry, I tried to work out what could be the matter and then I saw a tiny little white speck on your right front lower gum it was your first tooth coming through.


You have given me so many wonderful memory’s in these four beautiful years, I look forward to the many more that will come with the many changes this year like reception class you will be going off to your first day of school and so will begin your journey of more independence.


You are the joy of my life, and I love you more then I could ever express.

Happy 4th Birthday my darling boy Khai x

Love Mummy x


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