Me time – Lets Get Naked

I know I’m very behind but the Urban Decay Naked palette omg I have wanted this forever! 

This is the neutral palette of neutral palettes, everyone says if you have this you won’t even need another eye shadow and they are right!  Or at least you won’t need another neutral/ natural colour.

The only problem is this palette is so hard to get hold of in this country, and when you occasionally can get it, it sells out in a heartbeat. Or it pops up on eBay for crazy prices, once I saw it selling for £89.99 can you believe it and the con artist still expected the buyer to pay p&p, the cheek!

Well I finally got hands on it     “hallelujah”     it cost £32 which is kind of a lot of money but when you think that one pot of eye shadow at MAC is around £12 it doesn’t seem that bad anymore does it really.

plus you get a pretty nice eye shadow brush which retails at £14.50p and a half size primer potion which is worth around £6.50p so all in all it turns out to be a bit of a bargain in the end.

The twelve Shadows are:






Half backed






And Gunmetal

The brush is shadow karama brush cost £14.50 alone


Full size primer potion cost £16.00p


It’s a must have!


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