Speech therapy Update!!!

I received a call from Khai’s speech therapist just to let me know that they will be inviting us to a progress and feedback appointment soon, once there they will reassess Khai’s needs and will be contacting his new school so the three of us can work together and decide how to conduct the next element of his speech therapy which will most likely be individual one to one and may even take place at his school.

The new school themselves have assured me that they themselves will source speech therapy or some kind of speech and communicational help if needs be, which has put my mind to some rest.


3 thoughts on “Speech therapy Update!!!

  1. OMG this book sounds fab!
    It’s perfect and on its way to me has I type.
    Thank you so much.

    Do you have a copy?

  2. I don’t yet. I just found it the other day and thought of myself and then of you. 🙂 I’ll be getting one soon, it is such a great idea!

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