Bye bye nurswee!

Khai attended nursery for the last time yesterday.  I have been trying for the last few weeks to explain to him that soon he will stop going to nursery and will instead be going to school (reception class) in September he even says” I getting school uniform, I can’t wait I can’t wait, going school in tember, no more nurswee ever ever again, I have say bye bye at nurswee. But it is plan to see that he doesn’t really understand what he is saying.

Journey to nursery every morning this week

On the final day we walked to nursery carrying a card and a couple boxes of chocolates which were leaving gifts for his teachers.

When we arrived I was told to collect him 30 minutes later then normal because they are going to have a leaving party.  Khai presented the gifts to his beloved teacher Michelle and received a huge hug in return.

When I left khai was fine as you would expect however it was me feeling nostalgic and weepy, let me tell you this is something I’ve been suffering from since pregnancy, always soppy, crying at the drop of an hat, I’ve become unbelievably soft and before I started to get even more pathetic I had to have a word with myself, which I’m glad to say worked.

I spent the morning running around doing chores and errands and in the afternoon I had my eyebrows shaped as this would probably be my last chance for the next six weeks as khai will be home with me everyday.  After that I met with my dad for a drink which was lovely we haven’t gone (out) for a drink together in such a long time,  When we were done I collected khai.

I walked into the classroom and there were about 12 little faces looking up at me. All sitting around the table eating cup cakes and drinking orange squash.  

Khai’s teacher gave me a bag full of his work from the past few months and then she handed khai a leaving present which was a book wrapped in green tissue paper and a blue balloon with a pirates skull and crossbones on it (sadly it had all but deflated which almost caused tears). Then a few more parents started to arrive and the children began to display pretend sad faces (a reaction to their mum’s expressions, khai included) as they said goodbye to each other I took photos of the class and of khai with his teachers.


As we walked and began to leave I once again ran into my old friend Mr nostalgia but this was cut short by a conversation with one of Khai’s teachers she was barely holding it together, ”I hate this time of year” she cried “I just hate it when they leave, it breaks my heart” I agreed thinking how hard it must be year in year out watching these little people grow and then leave. “it really hits me when I get home and I know I won’t see them again” but what I do like is when a huge man in his twenties comes over to you and says hello, remember me and it turns out I knew him when he was three” she then went on to invite us to their summer BBQ and told us not to be  strangers.


Khai then said goodbye to the pet bunny rabbit and we walked home.

 “what did you do at nusrey today Khai” I said, we have nurswee all day party, um“we eat cake, and pish (crisp) and trawberries (strawberries) and we dance, I like dancing mummy, I like it”.

So there it is another milestone met.

This is the book Khai was given


 It has a sweet personal message inside, the book is called Oh Dear! Written by  Rod Campbell and Khai seems to know this book very well, he told me the whole storywhile i was still reading him the first page.

book link:


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