Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy. *

Khai is turning four shortly and i was thinking of maybe getting him a pet perhaps a fish, possibly an hamster, but I thought first I’d try giving him his own little plant to water and look after to see how his caring and nurturing side sat.

And it’s been going really well

Meet khai’s little money plant which he named CharlieLola (you guessed it; the plant is named after Charlie and Lola the charming but fictional brother and sister).


He waters it twice a week with his little parrot watering can


Then last week he went to an oasis garden with his nursery group and brought home this


A small collage of leaves, the idea was to find different coloured things

And he also brought this home too


It’s a sunflower plant 

Who Khai named Mouth (I don’t know why) he loves to water’s and talks to them


*Terri Guillemets


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