Me time

Well it’s Saturday night and there is nothing I like more then getting my little man off to bed in a timely fashion so I can indulge in some me time.   Which most of the time consists of me doing absolutely nothing (hold on, is he awake, silence, no it’s ok he’s still asleep) and that my friend is a complete and utter joy (who am I trying to kid, this hardly ever happens). 

Long gone are the days when I try to tell myself that I will read a book because lets face it, it ain’t gonna happen, I have about twenty eight books which I have started and have gotten no further then that in the past two years. But one day I will read a book from cover to back again hopefully before Khai’s eighteenth birthday.

What to do?  What to do with this me time because most of the times when I get khai off to sleep I feel like doing the same thing myself.  I’ll sit back relax a little, maybe do my nails, no I’ll read a magazine; yep that’s what I’ll do! 

Mummy!  Mummy!

Oh boy he’s up, Khai is up and he has the playdough out, oh man, he is making me soup.

What’s in this soup khai?  (I ask as he walks into the living room and over to the table) “cheese, butter, tomatoes, chicken, and cheese” he responds,

Oh lucky me,  I say playing along (but secretly wanting to cry because I realise the article I was in the middle of reading is going to be nothing more then a faint memory to me now) .” And all day cake mummy”

Oh yum I can’t wait for birthday cake, is it my birthday today khai? “Yes, it mummy all day, blow candle mummy”

I look down and I see a huge wad of white, red, green and blue playdough mixed together with a blue pencil sticking out from the top, “eat it mummy” I hear my little man cry

Aren’t you tiered Khai? Don’t you want to go back to sleep? “Err NOOOOOOOOOO

Oh yes I’m real fortunate.

Goodbye me time, it was nice knowing you! Even if it was for such a short, so unbelievably short time.


2 thoughts on “Me time

  1. Me time? I have a vague but foggy memory of that…..once upon a time….and of books that don’t involve trains or bugs or princesses…

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