Reward charts and the naughty spots

This is Khai’s reward chart.



How it works;

Khai adores cars they are his favourite things so I painted a landscape picture which is dominated by a large road.  I brought lots of cheap plastic cars and attached Velcro to the painted road and also on the underneath of the cars.  There are 28 cars altogether.  3 cars each day are for things like brushing your teeth, listening to mummy and being a good boy outside or tidying away your toys etc and 1 more car which is slightly bigger then the other three that is for learning i.e. saying his ABC every day or when he was potty training using the potty all day. He is allowed to place the cars on the chart by himself and is very proud every time he does so.


He doesn’t have to get all the cars everyday (but if he gets a minimum of 1 car a day which he always will) he can then get his treat.


Khai receives a treat twice a week. Midweek normally on a Wednesday (now because I am not made of money and I don’t want to spoil him to much) his treat is going to the park or something fun which we were going to do anyway, but by telling him it’s a treat he behaves well for those few days .


Sunday is his second treat day where we have a box which is full of fun stuff like the odd toy car, stickers, colouring books, things to paint etc very inexpensive things occasionally maybe a movie (again the reward to see a movie is only given when I have already decided that we were going to see one anyway so it doesn’t cost extra cash and Khai is extra good that week because he wants to see the film). .


I started using these methods because I was having a lot of discipline problems with Khai at one point when he was much younger and i had been watching Super nanny (Joe Frost) since before he was born.


When Khai was one year old I decided to start using the naughty spot/step as my favoured form of discipline, I began to feel very stressed and somewhat inadequate in response to his lack of respect and general grim behaviour it really was bad sometimes.


But to be honest our home life at the time was not very stable. We where living with a family member who was extremely unwell, which affected me very, very badly and in turn affected Khai.  The worse the situation became the worse the behaviour form Khai, but at the time I had no choice I had to stay where I was, but when I could do better and move on I did and it took a long while for Khai’s behaviour to improve but thank God it did.


I think it’s largely due to the techniques learnt and carried out in correspondence to the naughty spot and reward chat/treat box system we have had in place all this time.


The basic idea is that you have a step, spot, chair, room (but not the child’s bedroom) anything really; you can call this place/thing the naughty or time out spot/place whatever you like.  For full instructions and step by step guide on the techniques click the link:


Khai responded very well to this system, he loves being told that he is a good boy and enjoys the rewards of his good behaviour both in receiving his treats and visually seeing he’s progress on the chart.



Supernanny website






Free reward charts


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