Khai’s top 15 TV programmes (at the moment that is)

1. Top gear * 

Yes that was Top gear, the BBC television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars; he’s been watching it for years! And when I want to keep Khai smiling I splash out and buy him a top gear magazine, what can I say he is a car fanatic.

  1. Charlie and Lola*

  1. Rastamouse*

  1. Show me show me*

  1. Charlie Bear*

    6.  Formula one

Yep the international and most popular form of Grand Prix /world motor racing.

  7.    Waybuloo*

   8.  Roary – the racing car #

   9.   Tinga tinga Tales* 

   10.   3rd and Bird*

   11.   Peppa pig#

   12.   Wot Wot’s #

   13.   In the night garden*

   14.   Teletubbies*

   15.   Horrid Henry>



* Copyright BBC 2011.  All BBC programmes can be viewed in full at

>Copyright ITV 2011.

# Copyright CHANNEL 5 2011, All 5-MILKSHAKE programmes can be viewed at





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