Mr talk’s alot! (Thank God)

Speech therapy is going really well.  It’s pretty much the same format every week.

1. The hello song – each child takes turns to hold the piece of card that reads hello and is sang to by the whole group etc (hello khai, hello khai, hello khai and how are you today?). That child is then expected to respond and tell the group how they are feeling today.


2. What’s in the bag – again each child takes turns to take something out of the bag this thing (tend’s to be a toy or drawing) could be related to the story they are about to hear, they sing (what’s in the bag, what’s in the bag Joe, Joe, what’s in the bag?), Joe then tells what is in the bag if he can, and then the bag is pasted to the next child.


3. Story time- a story is read and the children are asked question like how many ducks can you see? What sounds do ducks make?


 4. Crafting fun- this is just sticking cut out pieces of paper together or making mask, stuff like that. 5. Goodbye song – same as hello song but goodbye replaces hello.


So it’s a really fun way for them to learn, and even Khai’s nursery has said they have noticed a difference. But I am not so sure, don’t get me wrong he is saying more and more new words but he was doing that anyway, and in fact I think he’s nursery and being around children a lot more has much more to do with it than the speech therapy he is receiving. But either way he is speaking more and that’s what counts!

This group therapy will be ending in 3 weeks and I am now becoming a little anxious to see what will come next because he needs more help so I will hopefully be discussing this with the therapist in the next week or so.


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