Khai-isms 6


1.” Goggy running,! Naughty goggy, mum goggy naughty!”

2. Doggy – A child’s word for a dog.


4 thoughts on “Khai-isms 6

  1. I love the “isms”. I’m always a bit sad when they outgrow them and discover the actual word for something. We tend to keep some in use, though…”leaning room” for living room, “Oh my world” for Oh my word…people probably think we’re off our rockers if they overhear us, lol, but each thing is so precious! Congratulations on him taking to MUM!!

    • Oh Yes the “isms” are the best aren’t they. i love, love,love “Oh my world” for Oh my word that is so sweet!!!! and i know what you mean about people thinking that there are a few marbles missing in the mental health department lol, it’s just so adorable the word they say.

    • Yeah right lol, i am sure everything is still Intact! Although like in my case it don’t always feel that way.

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