What is in a name?

Did you know that Khai is a Vietnamese name and means strong warrior.

When I was five years old I briefly went to school with a boy named kai (he left after a about six months) and I instantly fell in love with his name.

Even so young I realised that it was a different kind of name and something I’d not hear before which of course is not the case now, although people tend to use the spelling Kai which is of Hawaiian origins and means ocean. 

To be honest I did love the Hawaiian meaning and that was the spelling used by Kai the school boy and since the age of five I made a promise to myself that if I ever had a son when I grew up I would name him Kai but it became so popular over the years that I decided to spell it the less commonly used way so in my mind I guess his name means strong warrior of the ocean or something lol.  But never the less I never stopped loving the name.

Isn’t it weird how much we can become in love with a name?  I hung onto this name for over twenty five years; now that’s a long time to love a name.  When I saw a old school friend last year and told her that I had a son it didn’t take her two seconds to figure out that I had named him khai.

Oddly enough I recently found kai on facebook, he barely remembered me but I told him how much I liked his name all these years and had given it to my son (mind you I was a bit weary of him maybe starting to worry If I am a borderline stalker or something!). However it seemed he understood it was the name that I was in love with and not him since the age of five.

So that’s what’s in this name, at least for me and khai and kai


2 thoughts on “What is in a name?

  1. I love names! All of my children have fairly unique names, and the definitions fit their personalities perfectly. It is such an overwhelming responsibility, naming a new life, but you know when it is right. I envy you a bit, knowing what you wanted all along! We usually find the right name closer to my due date! Khai is such lovely name, and I like it even better knowing it;s meaning.

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