Chatter, chatter, chatter!

I’ve had some good news khai was invited to a speech therapy group and was assessed. It was in a little clinic that we attended two years ago, because they have a small playgroup and often have activities there too. 

It was a small group of six children ages ranging between three and six.  They played a little, and then where made to sit around a table and first introduce themselves by holding a card and the group sang hello to them, when we finished singing that child would then past the card to the child sitting next to them and the process would begin again.

Next again in turn each child pulled a toy out of a bag and we would then sing a song or rhyme about it e.g. Khai pulled a toy bus from the bag and we all sang the wheels on the bus go round and round. Then they each blew bubbles, and the last activity was to sing more songs.

Khai really enjoyed it there were three therapists to the six children and through the whole process they took several notes and had the odd question for us parents.

Later that day I received a phone call to say that because Khai’s speech was not as delayed as the other children in the morning group they would be putting him into anther group with children that just needed a little extra help and support to speak.


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