Where are you gonna be tomorrow at 11am




Will you be watching the royal wedding tomorrow?    I know I will.

Normally I would have gone down to Hyde park or Trafalgar square to watch this  couple get hitched, however sadly this time I can’t, I don’t think it’s the right place for a small child with over one and a half million people expected to descend upon central London tomorrow I think khai and I are better off at home relaxing back on the sofa drinking a lovely cuppa, with jam and cream centred scones and some lovingly cucumber sandwiches ( lol),  Get me feeling verrrrrrrry patriotic, it does happen from time to time. 

So yes i am looking forward to tomorrow lets hope it doesn’t rain. not only for Will and Kate but the crowds started to form and camp out at the abbey three nights ago for a prime view of the wedding party. Can you image if it rained, anyway I don’t even think rain could spoil their day, and they’ll mostly be inside anyway and the crowds will have tents and umbrellas, it’s gonna be huge.  

It’s estimated that the global TV audience may be as high as two billion. This would be more then the 750 million people estimated to have watched the most popular event ever broadcast the 1981 wedding of prince William’s parents, Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.

If your watching tomorrow enjoy and Here are some places you can go be with others and watch this lovely union

Hyde Park’s giant TV screens are set to attract a crowd of 200,000

Everyman Belsize Park for a cinema screening

Royal Wedding Screening at Trafalgar Square

Royal Wedding at Stratford East Picturehouse

Royal Wedding at Gate Picturehouse

Royal Wedding at Greenwich Picturehouse

Royal Wedding Battersea Street Party  – Taking place along Battersea High Street, the royal weddingBattersea street party includes a big screen where you can watch live

Royal Wedding at Old Spitalfields Market

weblinks: http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/whats-on.aspx


2 thoughts on “Where are you gonna be tomorrow at 11am

  1. We watched! Except with the time difference I had to get the girls up at 2:30 in time to watch the royal family arrive. The wedding was at 3 a.m.! Totally worth it, though, to let the girls see a “real live princess” get married. I was 6 when my mom got me up in the middle of the night to watch Charles and Diana get married….still remember it clearly!!

  2. Oh wow 2.30! hat’s off to you! i was four when Charles and Diana married and like you i remeber it well, my mum’s horror at Diana’s dress screaming omg!why did they let her dress get so crimpled up! lol but yes it was great, william and kate how lovely was that wedding.

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