Nursewee all day party!

This weekend we went to Khai’s nursery Easter bazaar which he call’s his nursewee all day party. 

It was lovely,  khai had he’s face painted and we all agreed a tiger would be the best animal for him, especially since he had been talking about the tiger who came to tea all week (one of my favourite children’s books and it looks like it won’t be long on till it’s one of Khai’s too).

Khai’s face was painted by one of his teachers and he loved it, but he did begin to act a little shy when it was first painted but was soon back to normal in no time.






In fact he spent most of the day saying “got the tiger on the face” and everyone told him what a handsome tiger he made and how great his roar was and what made it even more real was the fact that he was wearing his tiger socks too.

After face painting, the children played in the playground/garden area while we grownup/parents chatted and made promises to meet up for play dates and coffies.  We later played games of spin the wheel, eater egg making, raffles, tombola, prize draws and Easter card making.



It was lots of fun and khai had a great time and so did I.

The tiger who came to tea book link:


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