And He Talk’s.

Khai love talking on the phone.  Every time it rings or I make a call there he is hands in the air jumping up and down “pone mummy pone” and what is it that he wants to say so badly “I I I I went to nursery, and and I play in da sand and and I play wit car and I eat ice cream cone and I watch cebeebies and and etc and there it is the big conversation.

The truth is I am very happy that he is talking more, trying to participate in conversation, really wanting and trying to say full words and sentences with no baby talk and babbling.

You know for some reason I have been trying for months to sit down and write a post about Khai’s speech but am having difficulty in doing so and I’m not sure why?, I’ve already told of he’s delayed speech.  The fact is he does not have the average vocabulary for a child his age, he can talk but every two or three sentences the baby babble starts to make a return.

His sentences tend to range from between three to seven words and doesn’t always flow well.  But most of the time he is able to communicate what he needs and or wants.  He has improved no end since starting nursery and just keeps getting better and better learning new words every week and becoming more and more confident in his abilities to be understood.  He is on the waiting list to see a speech therapist but I believe he still has a good four or five months wait.

Mostly he is able to say what he needs, but because he is starting reception class in September or January it can’t and wouldn’t hurt for him to get a little help before hand but we shall wait and keep trying to teach him new words every day and hope that speech becomes easier for him.

More about delayed speech and speech milestones:


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