“”O fateful flower beside the rill– The Daffodil, the daffodil!”” *

I am very pleased to say that this year I received my very first ever mother’s day card and gift from my sweet boy.  On Friday when I colleted khai from nursery I was greeted by him and one of his teachers and given a beautiful Posy containing two yellow daffodils and a purple and red handmade paper  flower. 


The flower was formed from tissues paper, with two adorable large green leaves attached to a white paper tube/stem, tied together with a small purple twine and I’ve got to tell you I was very touched!  Especially when I was then given the most gorgeous handmade card with glitter and sequins in a wonderful variety and array of colours.


I want to tell you that khai handed me my posy and card and that we went home and I put them on display somewhere and how when I glance at them I have some kind of warm feeling inside, but this i am afraid is not the case because short of prising the flowers out of his hands and allowing myself to be subjected to a onslaught and barrage of crying and screaming tantrums the posy was not turned over to my possession.


I was granted the honour of being allowed to smell the flowers but that is were my interaction with the narcissus ended, because Khai refused point blank to hand the flowers over.  The poor teacher tried and tried in vein to explain to Khai that these flowers where in fact mummy’s, my boy was adamant that the flower were his and spend the following hours informing me “I likes flowers mummy, I like it, mummy I like them x118”. 

After a short detour in order to visit a family member the posy had all but faded from the beautiful bright and gleaming flowers they had been hours earlier into a dull, limp and lacklustre organism, but fear not all was not lost because I managed to save my lovely handmade flower which now has pride of place on the living room TV table.


So there is the tale of my first mother’s day gift, one thing’s for sure it’s a memorable one lol, my son doesn’t do things by halves does he.

Happy Mothers Day!

* quote by Jean Ingelow


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