I had to do a post for this, I know it’s been a while again we’ve had
Christmas, New year and by the way I do hope all was a  happy and good
one for all. But the thing that drives me to write this is to honor my
sister’s memory. Back on the 1st of Feb. 1987 my older sister Sonia
went to bed that Friday night and never awoke.  She was sixteen and I

Yesterday was the 25th years of her death and it really shook me.   Not
knowing how to feel due to the length of time that has past and the
fact that she was a child. My memories are that of a little girl
looking up to (literally and emotionally) her wiser and almost grown
sister, but now I’m a fully blown adult seeing just how young and
sweet and innocent a child she was and I am not sure how to relate any
more other than to wonder what if, and how unfair it all can be. I
felt the same ache, that hole in the pit of your stomach that comes
every year but having a child of my own make me see things very
differently then ever before.

I am not going to go on but I wanted to say that after all this time
she is still greatly missed and loved,

Rest in peace Sonn, love you loads!
On the brighter side of things Khai  is doing really well, happy as
ever although he has taken to calling me dad a few times last week, I
have tried to explain that I am not dad, I am mummy because I am a
girl, then proceeded to show him photos of his dad and explain who
he is. It’s fine really although I did find it a little sad at first
but I think khai is trying to figure out if he can call me dad as well
as mummy and not so much asking for his dad that day I’m not looking
forward to but when it comes i will try my best to explain as we all
have to.


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