Social Khai

Khai’s been going to nursery for around six weeks now, (twice a week for 3 hours and once a week for a full day 9-5 ) in this time he’s had 3 weeks off due to illness.  basically you know what it’s like when a child starts a new nursery or school they are prone to getting all the horrible little bugs because they’ve never been exposed to them before and they then go on to contract everything going.

That is what’s been happening to my poor baby and after all that when he was finally feeling better and well enough to return to nursery he didn’t want to go back; when i dropped him off he clung onto my leg as if hes little life depended on it, then he ran behind me only poking hes head out to cry “HUM (home) HUM MUMMY, HUM, NO NURSERY, NO NURSERY” it took the best part of 30 minutes to settle him.  i was later told that he spent most of that day crying and napping.  this is a complete change to before, before as soon as he saw the nursery gates he’d run off to play and wouldn’t look back.  it’s getting better now and he is settling back, this morning he didn’t cry at all but was a little reluctant to leave me but never the less he went off to play.

The problem is next week is half term which means when he returns the following week you can be such that we’ll be going through this again. but i guess this is part and parcel of any new transition, but it is so hard to see him like this, because when he enjoys nursery he really enjoys nursery, he is such a sociable little boy and loves being around other kids but he’ll settle again soon and begin enjoying the rewards of a well rounded social life again.


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