Where did the time go!

It’s been months and i’ve really missed this blog (the reason????) i have no pc\ internet access at home for a while now apparently the whole wire connection needs redoing and will cost around 300 pounds and i’ve got to tell you right now that doesn’t feel like a major piorty for me (and with a spoonful of lazyness put into the mix)  i’ve just not put up a new post, but here i am better late than never right!? right now i am at an internet cafe which i must admit feels odd and just a little too public but i guess i should just get over myself and just do this post.

wow so where to start so much as happened since my last post, lets see Khai turned 3 it was a lovely fun day along with a friend of mine we went to see toy story 3 at the cinema and he had a sweet little birthday cake shaped like a caterpiller lots and lots of pressies, he had a great day!

he is now attending nuresry 3 times a week and becoming a preety independent little man, making friend and talking a lot more it’s so great to see. 

lets see what else umm we went on hoilday to france and italy for the summer that was crazy fun more about that in my next post , oh and i started a new college course and had to quit it all in the same month

but i’m about to run out of time and need to pick up my son so thats it for now new post and real cacth up coming very soon. promise x

take care guys catch up real soon x



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