Am I over reacting?

My son has always been on the tall side, infact even before he was born at the ultrasound appointments I was told that he had long legs and was on the upper spectrum of the height and weight chart, and that’s not changed.   My son generally wears clothes for children a year older then himself which is fine I think it is great my son is a tall boy and will grow up to be a tall man. Marvellous!

People often comment on how tall he is, mostly people are able to see that he is only  two years old but once in a while I get the “oh wow he’s only two he’s a big boy isn’t he” which again is fine but what is really starting to get to me is when we are out and I am pushing him in his pushchair people think they have the right to stop me in order to alert me to the fact that they feel my son is “to big” to be in a pushchair and should be walking now.


I know I’m probably being over sensitive but I’m starting to feel really uncomfortable about the whole situation and sometimes I even begin to feel a little paranoid about this when we are out. 

I sometimes find myself wondering does he really appear that big.   Does it look like I’m pushing a six year old around in a pushchair? And in all truthfulness it really saddens me that people feel it’s ok to do this, what I’m scared of is when he becomes older and starts to understand.   Will people forever keep going on about he’s size?  I’m scared that my son will keep hearing these kind of comments and start to view his height as a negative thing when infact it’s a magnificent thing. 

Well I guess that’s where parenting comes into play, and this is the point where I jump in and make damn sure my son understands that he is fantastic and blessed and that the only people with something wrong with them are the people who think its ok to make another person feel bad about them self. 

On the other hand I could be barking up the wrong tree my boy may be the kind of person who is able to see these kind of remarks for what they are and move on from it without injury, I  really hope this is the case but never the less I will not be leaving it to chance I’ll be letting him Know what a gift it is to be tall, but I’ll also be reminding him just how brilliant it is to be short; I’ll make sure he understands that our differences are the things that make us special and how we deal with these differences is what makes us who we become.   


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