Speed lover

My son is an aficionado of speed!

A couple weeks ago I took him to one of the local playgrounds everything seemed normal, he went on the usual slide, swing, climbing frame and so on but it wasn’t until this

Yes this is the helter skelter, Ferris wheel, roller coaster (You get my drift)for the twenty-first century toddler!

It looks innocent enough I know but this object turns normal little boys and girls into small versions of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in other words little speed junkies.  Yes when this is spun at a normal speed other children weep!  But there are a few, the chosen ones, where normal just isn’t good enough! No for these children high speed is the only way, and my son Khai is one of them! 

It took three grown adults taking turns two at a time to spin this machine this little playground apparatuses became the latest white knuckle ride, Oh and did these kids ride.

They spun and spun and spun around some couldn’t take the pressure but still clung on for dear life.  yes eat your heart out Chessington, Alton towers and Thorpe park you have a rival and she’s a worthy opponent!


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