You know lately I’ve been getting pretty excited about the idea of Khai attending nursery later this year.  I began daydreaming about work; doing a college course, seeing art exhibitions fortnightly, going to the movies, or even just reading a book uninterrupted so many wonderful things. 

Then yesterday whilst out at the local playground with my son there where children of all different ages from one year up to teenagers of fourteen or so, one of the teen kids had a pug puppy and all the children were running around playing with the little pup including Khai.  I found myself laughing as I watched my little toddler run around trying to copy the older kids and wanting to be a part of the group, I felt so proud, no fear in he’s eyes as he ran and played, I wish I could have said the same for me because there was fear in mine a panic almost and a great sadness as it dawned on me that my son is going to nursery, he’s growing so quickly because where it doesn’t feel like yesterday that he looked like this



Or this


It does feel like only a few weeks ago maybe months, but infact its been nearly three years that I’ve had this wonderful little being constantly by my side and I feel sad but at the same time immensely overcome with joy and pride that my son will shortly be acquiring yet another milestone and enter a more independent, educational and social life stage.

I don’t think a mummy could be any prouder!


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